Signs it’s Time to Call an Emergency Electrician

An emergency electrician is around when you need them, even when traditional electricians are home in bed or off during family things. Electrical problems can and will happen at a moment’s notice so having a number of an emergency electrician on hand is important. Electrical issues can be very dangerous if not handled immediately.

Many signs suggest that it is time to pick up the phone to call the emergency electrician san marcos tx. Since you’re reading this, you probably have some inclination that this time has come. This is your confirmation. Pick up the phone and call an electrician morning, noon, or night and take care of your family.

Flickering/Dimming Lights

Casper is likely not in the house when the lights start flickering. Instead, there is likely an electrical wiring problem or short that causes this problem. The solution is to become an emergency electrician at once.

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Frequent Circuit Breaker Trips

When a circuit breaker trips, it is a sign that it is overloaded. This means it can catch fire or wires can burn out at any time. You should be especially concerned if odors are also a part of the frequent trips.

Burning Smell

Speaking of that burning smell, it is an emergency in and of itself. We almost always know there is trouble when it smells like plastic burning. Make certain you call an electrician if you smell burning odors because it could result in a fire in no time.


Your electrical panel and outlets shouldn’t make any type of noise except white noise. If you hear them buzzing, humming, or making other unusual noises, it is a sign of trouble that needs immediate attention.

An emergency electrician is there when you need them, no matter what the hour on the clock.