Staying Mosquitoes Away So We Can Play

Summer is here and that means that mosquitoes are out and ready to enjoy the weather.  Every year we are faced with the same situations of how to deal with mosquitoes and every year we go through the same process.  For those that are looking for the best commercial mosquito treatment indianapolis here are a few that will get you started.

Standing water

Mosquitoes love water and they seek it whenever they can.  Water is where they will go to lay their eggs and live out most of their lives.  To avoid these pests in your area the first thing that you want to do is make sure that your yard is water free and that no pools or ponds are forming where they shouldn’t. 

Watch your alcohol consumption

You want to mask your scent or at least not create a scent that is attractive to mosquitoes.  One way to accomplish this is to avoid drinking alcohol as well as avoid wearing alcohol-based perfumes and colognes.  Just like humans, mosquitoes love alcohol and will be attracted to it.  So, drinking beer and other spirts will cause your blood chemistry to change which will increase your attractiveness to mosquitoes.

Wear light colored clothing

You don’t want to wear black.  Dark colored clothing is a great attractor to mosquitoes since they can see it on their visual spectrum.  However, lighter colored clothing is something that they can’t see.  This is why you want to wear white or light clothing.  This will protect you as long as you don’t have other scents or attractors that will bring them towards you.

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Use repellants

You will want to use bug repellant and bug spray.  These are safe to you and the environment.  If you don’t like these then you can use candles that have the same types of chemicals in them.  The idea is to have these chemicals present in the air and environment so that mosquitoes are repelled from the area.